My Morning With A Top World Hair Stylist!

Today was a very exciting day, as I have had my hair color done by a top fashion hair stylist, Fernanda.

Fernanda & I sharing stories working in film. And what it was like to be Sienna Miller’s personal Hair stylist on her latest film “The Girl”

Fernanda is an amazing hairdresser, who has been working over the past 40 years, on various fashion shoots around the world and films.  like Lord Of War with Nicholas Cage, and was key stylist to Sienne Miller on the set of her latest film.  Which if you look closely at the mirror in the pictures you will see the photo’s of Sienna!

As I arrived at Fernanda’s apartment, which is where she has an in house salon.  It was like stepping into some thing out of instyle magazine! Stunning modern feel, yet relaxing with various crystals around in beautiful bowls and arranged into a heart on one of the walls.  And the view, which I unfortunately did not have time to take a picture of, was something else.  looking over the sea, it was so idyllic.

The transformation from brunette, back to blonde is complete.

After being transformed back to blonde.  Fernanda invited me to stay for an amazing Organic homemade soup lunch.  Which was delicious!

As I was about to leave Fernanda Grabbed my hand and closed it tight in hers and she let go, she had placed a beautiful dark crystal.  Which was one she had collected herself when working in Namibia.

Love n Hugs



What a lovely, talented and spiritual lady, which I hope to meet again very soon.


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