Your Never Too Old!

On the 29th of September I had the honor of doing hair and makeup for a very important client.


Which believe me is an honor as she always does her own hair, even though she has a professional hair and makeup artist for a daughter,  haha.

The day was simply beautiful.  I was so happy that my mum found a lovely man that truly loves her, after loosing my dad a few years ago.  So wonderful they have found each other (which was by yours truly planting a small seed!)
James my brother flew over from Germany, especially to give mum away.  Looking very dashing in his army attire, including his first medal for his services in Afghanistan.
I was privileged to be my mum’s bridesmaid, which she personally picked out an outfit from Karen Millen.  Spoiled!


So wonderful to have the whole family together and friends from all over the country, to share this special day.


Thank you for letting me share these gorgeous images with you all.


Catherine Elizabeth



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