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Pastel hair Trends For Summer 2014

Have you ever wanted to have candy pink hair or lovely violet? This year you have all chances to get desired image because 2014 hair color trends has brought into fashion palette of pale and pastel shades.

Pastels For Summer 2014


Pastel hair color were popular on the catwalk and it has been so many times chosen as conception for designer fashion shows. The popularity of pastel tones grew fast and soon we could see girls wearing jaw dropping hairstyles on the streets. Similar image became a trend and now I am so excited to share my thoughts with you.

how-to-wear-pastel-hair pastel colors



Wearing pastel hair color as well as getting the perfect tone is a rather tricky job especially if you have dark or frizzy hair. As pastel tone can be created only on bleached white hair you should go for bleaching. Harsh chemicals make hair dry and frizzy so just imagine what would happen if you already have frizzy hair. Still if you really want to have similar hair color the least you can do is to turn to pro hair colorist.




Next thing you should do is to find suitable color for your skin tone. First of all you should choose color suitable for you skin tone. Pastel tone is more suitable for porcelain skin so if you have tanned skin you’d better stay away from such color otherwise your face will look pale and dull.

Sexy pastel-hair pale blue or purple hair color



Palette of pastel tones include shades like pink, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow and many other tones that will totally transform your image.



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