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Pastel hair Trends For Summer 2014

Have you ever wanted to have candy pink hair or lovely violet? This year you have all chances to get desired image because 2014 hair color trends has brought into fashion palette of pale and pastel shades.

Pastels For Summer 2014


Pastel hair color were popular on the catwalk and it has been so many times chosen as conception for designer fashion shows. The popularity of pastel tones grew fast and soon we could see girls wearing jaw dropping hairstyles on the streets. Similar image became a trend and now I am so excited to share my thoughts with you.

how-to-wear-pastel-hair pastel colors



Wearing pastel hair color as well as getting the perfect tone is a rather tricky job especially if you have dark or frizzy hair. As pastel tone can be created only on bleached white hair you should go for bleaching. Harsh chemicals make hair dry and frizzy so just imagine what would happen if you already have frizzy hair. Still if you really want to have similar hair color the least you can do is to turn to pro hair colorist.




Next thing you should do is to find suitable color for your skin tone. First of all you should choose color suitable for you skin tone. Pastel tone is more suitable for porcelain skin so if you have tanned skin you’d better stay away from such color otherwise your face will look pale and dull.

Sexy pastel-hair pale blue or purple hair color



Palette of pastel tones include shades like pink, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow and many other tones that will totally transform your image.


Your Never Too Old!

On the 29th of September I had the honor of doing hair and makeup for a very important client.


Which believe me is an honor as she always does her own hair, even though she has a professional hair and makeup artist for a daughter,  haha.

The day was simply beautiful.  I was so happy that my mum found a lovely man that truly loves her, after loosing my dad a few years ago.  So wonderful they have found each other (which was by yours truly planting a small seed!)
James my brother flew over from Germany, especially to give mum away.  Looking very dashing in his army attire, including his first medal for his services in Afghanistan.
I was privileged to be my mum’s bridesmaid, which she personally picked out an outfit from Karen Millen.  Spoiled!


So wonderful to have the whole family together and friends from all over the country, to share this special day.


Thank you for letting me share these gorgeous images with you all.


Catherine Elizabeth



A lot of time and detail went into choosing your dress, ring, flowers, and even your venue. Don’t let your makeup and hair take a backseat. Here are some top tips for making sure you look your best for your wedding day.

1. When choosing your hair and makeup artist, check their background experience, look through images of their work, this will help you see if their style will match your ideas.

2. Take the time to go through magazines and pull out makeup styles that you really like, even tear out the ones you really hate. It could be how a certain feature is played up, or that great lipstick color, or how the skin glows, or even how they used way too much eyeliner. All this is easy to say and show to a makeup artist, like me, with pictures. It helps tremendously to show your desires by pictures rather than endlessly describing it. This helps me immensely in seeing what you like and don’t like. A picture is worth a thousand words. It really gives a lot more information with a visual sense.

3. Take a picture of your wedding dress. This gives the artist a great idea of the style of the dress and the wedding. Is it romantic? Dramatic? Elegant? This gives an idea of your style.

 4. Wear the correct shade of foundation. The best way to figure this out is in ‘natural’ daylight. Never make a decision about foundation unless you’ve applied it to your jawline first and looked at it in daylight. The colour should blend away like it has disappeared.

 5. Waterproof, waterproof, waterproof. Many women make the mistake on assuming that they won’t cry on their wedding day when, in actuality, they always do. Use waterproof eyeliner, and mascara. We don’t want makeup running down the face from either tears or too many dances. Or alternatively treat yourself to eyelash extensions, gives a gorgeous natural look, opening up your eyes and will lasts for 6 weeks. So you can look gorgeous for your honeymoon too.

6. When having an up do style for your wedding day, always wash your hair the night before, so your hair has time during the night to produce natural oils. Which helps your hair hold its style on the day.

7. Get your hair into great condition by doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week or once a fortnight in the run-up to the wedding. Either at a salon or at home, by putting a conditioning hair mask on and wrapping a damp hot towel around your head leave to cool, then rinse of with cool water to lock the moisture in.


8. Keep your skin balanced and hydrated, treat yourself to a course of facials to the lead up to your wedding day. Even by just drinking 1 litre of water a day can give you an amazing glow to your skin.

9. Don’t think of your current style as a starting block for your wedding style. By adding hair extensions or a hairpiece can create volume and the style you dreamed of and still look completely natural. The beauty of a one off hairstyle is that you can go to much more effort than you would if you had to do it every day.

10. Get a great cut two to three weeks before the wedding day. Even if it’s long, get your ends snipped off. I’ve heard some hairdressers tell their clients to keep the ends and not cut them off as hair is easier to put up. I say get them trimmed — you have to think about your hair after the wedding and you want it to look good on your honeymoon.

Lucy Hanwell’s 1930’s Wedding

I was so excited when Lucy first contacted me about here hair and makeup ideas for her vintage style wedding.  After looking at pictures of Lucy’s dress and the style of her wedding, we both agreed a gorgeous 1920’s hair and makeup look was the the look for her.

It was a beautiful sunny day at Lucy’s wedding venue Rowley Manor.  A beautiful Georgian grade II listed building, situated in the gorgeous East Yorkshire countryside.  We had such fun creating flowing fingerwaves through Lucy’s hair and applying a flawless understated makeup to compement the over all look.

Blogging Here We Go!!!

Hello From Cape Town!

After trying how to work how to create and work a blog…..we have finally mastered the basics.  Yippeee!

We are very excited that we will now be able to share all of what Catherine Elizabeth is doing from where ever we are in the world!

Keep a look out for our gorgeous brides of 2012, the behind the scenes of the latest movie Cat is working on in South Africa, as well sharing our tricks of the trade.

Hope you all enjoy our blog and we look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Love n Hugs