Keeping Your Skin and Hair Healthy This Winter

Keeping Your Skin and Hair Healthy This Winter

Even though we are still in summer we need to be ready to take care of our hair and skin during the winter.  Your hair and skin respond differently to cooler temperatures, so with winter around the corner, it is important that you adjust your beauty and hair routine accordingly.
The harsh winter elements and colder climates that we have in the height of winter, have a harmful, drying effect on skin and hair. But by following these simple tips, it is easy to have healthy, glowing hair and skin all year round!

Tips for healthy winter skin

1. Exfoliate

Going from the cold winter wind and moving into a heated room, it has a major drying effect on the skin. Exfoliating your skin will remove layers of skin, allowing for new skin cells to develop.

2. Moisturise

In the colder months it’s a great idea to switch to heavier moisturising creams this is vital for keeping your skin glowing and smooth. Ingredients such as green tea, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, grape seed, melatonin or vitamins C and E all contain antioxidants which help reduce damage caused by winter sun and leave.

3. Use a gentle cleanser

In winter it is important to be much more selective when choosing a cleanser. A scented anti-bacterial soap can be extremely harsh and often will strip the skin of essential oils that it needs however using products with natural oils and ingredients, are much more recommended as they are absorbed more easily.

Tips for healthy winter hair

1. Use a gentle shampoo

Winter hair care includes using a shampoo that won’t strip your hair of its natural moisture. It is very important that in the colder months to cut down on frequent washing, as it will dry out the scalp and hair more easily.

2. Use a deeper conditioner

Richer heavier conditioners and leave-ins allow for more protection on your hair as they provide lubrication which will prevent damage and stops the hair becoming too fragile by rebuilding the hair structure which helps it grow and shine

3. Use a weekly treatment

It is common for hair to experience breakage in the colder winter months, so to ensure this doesn’t occur, a protein-rich treatment should be used at least once a week this will ensure that your hair stays soft and healthy.

Ingredients to avoid when choosing skin and hair products are mineral oils such as Petroleum, Paraffin, Parabens, Comedogenic 

By following these simple tips you can be sure to have soft skin and hair all year round!



A lot of time and detail went into choosing your dress, ring, flowers, and even your venue. Don’t let your makeup and hair take a backseat. Here are some top tips for making sure you look your best for your wedding day.

1. When choosing your hair and makeup artist, check their background experience, look through images of their work, this will help you see if their style will match your ideas.

2. Take the time to go through magazines and pull out makeup styles that you really like, even tear out the ones you really hate. It could be how a certain feature is played up, or that great lipstick color, or how the skin glows, or even how they used way too much eyeliner. All this is easy to say and show to a makeup artist, like me, with pictures. It helps tremendously to show your desires by pictures rather than endlessly describing it. This helps me immensely in seeing what you like and don’t like. A picture is worth a thousand words. It really gives a lot more information with a visual sense.

3. Take a picture of your wedding dress. This gives the artist a great idea of the style of the dress and the wedding. Is it romantic? Dramatic? Elegant? This gives an idea of your style.

 4. Wear the correct shade of foundation. The best way to figure this out is in ‘natural’ daylight. Never make a decision about foundation unless you’ve applied it to your jawline first and looked at it in daylight. The colour should blend away like it has disappeared.

 5. Waterproof, waterproof, waterproof. Many women make the mistake on assuming that they won’t cry on their wedding day when, in actuality, they always do. Use waterproof eyeliner, and mascara. We don’t want makeup running down the face from either tears or too many dances. Or alternatively treat yourself to eyelash extensions, gives a gorgeous natural look, opening up your eyes and will lasts for 6 weeks. So you can look gorgeous for your honeymoon too.

6. When having an up do style for your wedding day, always wash your hair the night before, so your hair has time during the night to produce natural oils. Which helps your hair hold its style on the day.

7. Get your hair into great condition by doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week or once a fortnight in the run-up to the wedding. Either at a salon or at home, by putting a conditioning hair mask on and wrapping a damp hot towel around your head leave to cool, then rinse of with cool water to lock the moisture in.


8. Keep your skin balanced and hydrated, treat yourself to a course of facials to the lead up to your wedding day. Even by just drinking 1 litre of water a day can give you an amazing glow to your skin.

9. Don’t think of your current style as a starting block for your wedding style. By adding hair extensions or a hairpiece can create volume and the style you dreamed of and still look completely natural. The beauty of a one off hairstyle is that you can go to much more effort than you would if you had to do it every day.

10. Get a great cut two to three weeks before the wedding day. Even if it’s long, get your ends snipped off. I’ve heard some hairdressers tell their clients to keep the ends and not cut them off as hair is easier to put up. I say get them trimmed — you have to think about your hair after the wedding and you want it to look good on your honeymoon.

Dior Summer Hair & Makeup Trend

This summer there are so many trends to choose from, which is very exciting.  We are going to share all our favorite looks that have been rocking the catwalk for this season we started with Louis Vuitton’s look and today we are sharing with you Dior’s look for the summer or 2012!

Dior’s look this summer is all about bold retro chic!  And we love it!

This modern pin up look is all about full defined eyebrows, colourful painted eyes and a coral or orange/red tone lip.

1940’s pin waves is a must for this look with or with out a gorgeous mid fringe.

To achieved this makeup look apply foundation with a brush & apply a loose powder to create a matt finish to the skin (try CHANEL Matt Lumiere or Estee Lauder Double Wear Giving A Flawless Matt Finish).

Next apply concealer around the eye area (try Estee Lauder Ideal Light, to illuminate the skin around the eye).

Apply a neutral eyeshadow to the brow bone and inner eyes (try MAC Brule).

Apply a bold colour of your choice over the lid and blend up to the socket (try MAC Chrome Yellow,Purple Haze or Electric Eel).

Apply a thin line of black gel eyeliner (try BOBBI BROWN Black or Sepia) and take this right to the corner of the eye and then create a slight wing upwards to lengthen the eye.

Apply a highlight to the corners of the eyes, along the bridge of the nose and on the cupid’s bow (try MAC eyeshadow in Mylar).

Apply black mascara to the upper and lower lashes (try Lancome Hypnose).

Apply a set of lashes to your eye (try EYLURE Katy Perry Cool Kitty lashes), they will make your eyes look amazing.

Follow with a peach or pink blush (depending on your skin tone) along the cheekbones not the apples (try MAC Melba or Fleur Power).

Finally apply a coral or red/orange tone lipstick to the lips (try MAC Ravishing or Lady Danger).


Creating gorgeous 1940’s wave you can either use small heated rollers or a medium sized tong  (Using the tong once each section is curled roll up and secure with a grip to cool)

Seperate the hair to create a side parting if you do not have a fringe.

Spray each section of hair with a setting spray before applying heat (try PAUL MITCHEL Fast Drying Sculpt Spray).

Start with each side crating 3-4 for sections depending on the thickness of your hair and making sure you get heat right up into the roots to give lift.

The back section apply the same method as the sides but create a brick like formation with the curls (Curls/rollers should be offset from each other)

Once all your curls are cool, brush through the curls with a fine bristle brush or wide toothed comb.

Use flat sectioning clips or lady Jane’s to  hold the waves in place around the front section, curling the bottom ends under.

Apply finishing spray (try PUAL MITCHEL Fast Drying Sculpt Spray, as is a great finishing spray as well as a setting spray).

Remove your clips and your ready to rock you Dior Retro Chic look for the summer!

We hope you have fun creating your retro chic like look for this summer and watch out for our next post for our next summer makeup trend.

Catherine Elizabeth


Creating Gorgeous Natural Waves

Creating gorgeous waves, in a few easy steps.  Start with a medium curling iron or Babyliss pro wand. Divide your hair into sections, starting with the back section. Spray each section with a setting spray, I love Paul Mitchel “fast drying sculpt spray”. Hold your curling iron vertically and wrap inch or half inch sections of hair around the barrel. Hold for a few seconds and release. Shake through your hair with your fingers & follow with a light finishing hair spray to help hold waves. If you started with some natural wave, use a curling iron to smooth out frizzy sections or to enhance individual pieces of hair that need a bit more wave.